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Harker Herbals Vitamin C+ Olive Leaf + Zinc


Vitamin C+ Olive Leaf + Zinc

  • Strong immune support for those prone to repeat illness and feeling rundown
  • Supports cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Supports joint health
  • High strength Olive Leaf – standardised to contain 210mg oleuropein per 10ml dose from 9410mg olive leaf extract
  • High strength Vitamin C – 550mg Vitamin C per 10ml dose from organic Sea Buckthorn berries
  • Includes the recommended daily intake of Zinc specific to age range
The concentrated olive leaf extract is rich in oleuropeins, a natural compound scientifically researched to support immune defences, cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar levels. Olive Leaf and Vitamin C are both potent antioxidants; together they support overall healthy immune function and a robust response to immune threats. Includes Zinc for additional immune support.

• Highly bioavailable source of natural Vitamin C from organic Sea Buckthorn berries
• Suitable for all ages over 1 year
• Easily adjustable dosage – get more or less according to what you need
• Suitable to take while pregnant or breastfeeding
• Vegan-friendly, free from gluten, dairy and yeast
• No added synthetic ascorbic acid, preservatives or alcohol
• Delicious green flavour
• Take straight – no need to dilute in water
• Extra low sugar formulation – just 0.08g natural sugar per 10ml dose
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