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NutraLife Magnesium+ Gentle


NutraLife Magnesium+ Gentle

Nutralife Magnesium + Gentle Capsules  A Magnesium formula that is gentler on the stomach and oxide-free Beneficial for: Relieving muscle cramps, aches and spasms Relieving stress, nervous tension and worry Supporting bones and heart health Key and unique features: Formulated with Organic Magnesium glycinate, an oxide-free formula, to provide better absorption when compared to Magnesium oxide Includes Ginger, which has been traditionally used as a digestive aid and to help relieve minor digestive disturbances 100mg easy-to-swallow vege capsules to allow for divided dosing throughout the day if preferred


Each capsule provides Magnesium (as glycinate) 100mg Herbal extract equiv. dry Ginger (Zingiber officinale) rhizome 667mg Encapsulating aids. Dosage: Recommended Adult


Take 3 capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Extended Information for Nutralife Magnesium

The product Nutralife Magnesium + Gentle Capsules 120 can be used by patients of any age or conditions. The presence of magnesium in the body is always helpful, and this is no exception. For a healthy functioning of the body, the presence of adequate magnesium is necessary as well. Therefore, those who are suffering from the deficiency of Magnesium in their bodies will find the usage of this product to be highly useful. Also, the product is specially made, keeping in mind the conditions of the patients who are suffering from gastric distress. The Nutralife Magnesium + Gentle Capsules 120 are very effective, as it gets absorbed in the body pretty quickly. It is gentle and will not affect the stomach of the patient taking it in any way. Patients suffering from various types of stress and nervous tensions can take this product for calming themselves down. The product is also very much useful in improving the working of the heart and improving the bone conditions of the body.


If taking blood thinning or blood pressure medicines, consult your healthcare professional before use.

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